Sprouted Seeds Are Good for Your Dog

Probiotics from Sprouted Seeds

You have probably heard about yogurt, keifer and fermented foods to provide healthy gut flora for your pet, but have you heard about sprouted seeds? Sprouted Seeds offer a great source of probiotics and enzymes naturally present when seeds germinate. These types of bacteria are the closest to what a dog would actually encounter in the wild. Digging in dirt and eating new growth grass would provide them with these healthy bacteria. However in our environment where everything is treated with chemicals those healthy bacteria are not as readily avaiable. That’s where Flora4’s Organic Sprouted Seeds are a great supplement for your dog.

Probiotics from Sprouted Seeds
Sprouted Seeds are Good for your Dog

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This week the dog lovers of Milton Ontario were shocked to read that 38 dogs were pulled from a puppy mill that was right under our noses at Trafalgar and the 401.

In response, several local businesses are teaming up to put on an Emergency Fundraising effort for the Oakville Humane Society this weekend at BauHound Haus Inc (276 Main St. E. in Milton.

On Saturday, Blink of an Eye Photography is hosting a Pet Portraits session – for more details on the event see our event page. We will also have a Silent Auction.

Fundraising for Puppymill Rescue

On Sunday, Leash Out Pet Photography is hosting a Pet Portraits Session – for more details on the event see our event page.


All weekend BauHound Haus will be offering: 
– $5 Nail Trims and all the money will be donated
– All Self Serve Bath proceeds will be donated
– All money from our Small Dog Play date will be donated

Help us make a stand and make it clear that treating animals like this is not okay and we will not stand for it. We have spoken with OHS and asked what donations they need and they said right now their need is for monetary donations to help with expenses of caring for these dogs. If you like to help, please donate online at https://www.gifttool.com/donations/Donate?ID=2044&AID=2029. Write “rescue” in the notes section and we will make sure that 100% of your donation is used to make life better for these special animals.
If you’d prefer we can collect donations this weekend and add it to our donation total.