We picked Star and her puppies up after a 650 km journey that took seven volunteers. Many rescues come from far distances and the transport teams that move them from where they are to where there are people to help them are imperative to rescues and the work they do.


We were added to the conversations so we could keep track of when to expect Star and her broad and got a first hand experience with how efficient and well run transports are. Each volunteer has a section of the drive and a meeting place where the next driver will be waiting. Everything is mapped out, timed and efficient. Drivers keep in touch with delays and their progress. The dogs are carefully handed off from car to car and special instructions are carefully related. In Star’s case, her transport was “no feet on the ground” meaning her and her puppies were moved from car to car in the crate. Since Star’s puppies are too young and their immune systems are not well developed this was done to keep them healthy along route. The whole thing was incredible to be a part of.

At the end of the night, I had Star and her babies in my car driving home. It was an incredible feeling. They had come so far and were so close to starting their new lives.

Star didn’t take long to settle in and realized right away we were there to help. She wags her tail and happy watches while me monitor and tend to her babies. This is just the beginning of her new journey.

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Darlene Walsh · June 7, 2016 at 1:36 am

Today our Golden Retriever had an exquisite grooming by Rebecca. We are so happy to see that Rebecca has joined your staff. We have had the privilege of Rebecca grooming our boy in the past and were thrilled to learn she has joined the team at Bauhound Haus.

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