Pet Store Puppies: Never a Good Thing

Published by BauHound Haus Inc on

We need to keep spreading the word and making people listen.

Dogs sold in pet stores do not, ever, come from reputable breeders (as many pet stores that sell dogs would have you believe). I can say that absolutely, 100% categorically, because there is no reputable breeder that would sell a puppy to a pet store to resell.

Part of being a reputable breeder is caring about the home that each and every puppy you breed is going to, keeping in touch with those homes and ensuring you are responsible for the welfare of the puppy long after they leave the breeder’s home.
That’s how I know. That’s how I can be certain.


100% of puppies sold in stores come from puppy mills. There is no such thing as a good puppy mill.
Buying a puppy from a pet store isn’t saving the puppy, it’s condemning it’s mother to more horror and neglect.

Stop. Please. Don’t ever buy a puppy from a pet store and educate yourself on how to find a good breeder or rescue.

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