Trade in Your Punishment Based Training Devices

Published by BauHound Haus Inc on

Learning theory science is not wishy-washy on this point. Punishment is an ineffective way to reach learning goals. While punishment can distinguish the appearance of specific unwanted behaviors, it does not change the emotional state of the dog. It often makes the emotional state worse, more stressed. Punishment also has been known to create other worse behaviors as a side-effect of displaced stress.

Would you rather learn a new job from a boss who smacks you on the back of the head every time you get something wrong or gives you a bonus when you get things right? Which boss would you rather work for? Which boss would you trust? Which work environment would be more conducive to learning and happiness?

You know the answer, right? Instinctually there is no doubt in your mind. So why be the mean boss to your dog? Teach them with respect, rewards and love.

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