You have probably heard about yogurt, keifer and fermented foods to provide healthy gut flora for your pet, but have you heard about sprouted seeds? Sprouted Seeds offer a great source of probiotics and enzymes naturally present when seeds germinate. These types of bacteria are the closest to what a dog would actually encounter in the wild. Digging in dirt and eating new growth grass would provide them with these healthy bacteria. However in our environment where everything is treated with chemicals those healthy bacteria are not as readily avaiable. That’s where Flora4’s Organic Sprouted Seeds are a great supplement for your dog.

Probiotics from Sprouted Seeds

Sprouted Seeds are Good for your Dog

For those raising puppies and who have female dogs in whelp, Flora4 is a great addition to their food, too. There is lots of research into the importance of a healthy gut flora for health. From current understandings on human health that starts with a dog’s mother. A puppy’s first flora colonization comes from birth and nursing. Puppies rely on their mother to introduce good bacteria. Starting mom on a good probiotic like Flora4 ensures she passes on a good start for her puppies (while also providing her with the benefits of good flora and enzymes like proper nutrient absorption). Not relying on dairy to do so is also healthier and more natural for a dog.

Flora4 sprouted seed probiotic for dogs

A good probiotic for your dog and puppies

We don’t know what our current foster‘s lives started off looking like, but we introduced Flora4 to mama dog Star immediately and added it to her puppies’ formula once we started weaning. We believe this helps them build healthy immune systems faster and provide protection for them as they grow. It also immediately eliminated Star’s upset tummy when she first arrived!

Find out more about Flora4 and Carna4 kibble in store at 276 Main St. E. in Milton, ON.

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Did you know that those sprouts you enjoy in your salads or sandwiches are also good for your dog ? Packed with goodness . Among other things, flaxseed, barley seed , mung beans and others contain good bacterial flora that produce nutrients for the new plant.

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