We’re Hiring! 

About the Position:
If you’re passionate about natural health and diets for dogs and cats and love animals, BauHound Haus Inc. may be be perfect place to work. BauHound Haus specializing in natural nutrition including raw diets, dehydrated foods and grain-free kibbles. We offer our clients Grooming, Self-Serve Bathing facilities and Training classes on top of our retail experience. Our clientele are passionate about their pets and expect only the best. Our furry clientele are our priority while in our store and if you’re looking for a job that lets you interact with dogs all day, then BauHound Haus Inc. is the place for you. 

As a member of the BauHound Haus team, you will be expected to have an extensive knowledge of natural diets and health for dogs and cats. We are happy to help someone who is passionate about dogs and cats learn more, but the right applicant will bring their own passion about the topic. 

Customer service and a positive customer experience are a priority for every customer who walks through our doors. Our customers come seeking helpful and knowledgeable staff who can answer their questions or point them in the direction of someone with more expertise. 

As a member of the BauHound Haus team, you will be interacting with dogs on a regular basis. A firm understanding of gentle handling, positive reinforcement training, dog body language and stress signals is key to this position. We will provide training in this if needed as safety of our staff and the animals in our care is of the utmost importance. 

Job Summary: 
Responsible for providing customer service at BauHound Haus when scheduled. Ability to provide answers to customer’s inquiries, assistance with Self Serve Bathing and attend to retail duties described in Job Functions below. 

Job Scheduling requirements: 

This is a part time position that requires a minimum of four weekend shifts a month (Weekend shift options include: Saturday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm or Sunday 12pm-5pm) and weekday opening or closing shifts totalling 15-20 hours a week. 

We are looking for someone who has the potential to grow with the company and we hope this position will grow into a Full Time position for the right employee. 

[There is potential for this to be a full-time position immediately if the applicant meets requirements to be a groomer’s assistant, please inquire about this possibility.]

Job Functions: 

  • To assist customers and answer all inquiries about nutrition, health, training or products. 
  • To assist customers in Self Serve Bathing stations and instruct customers on the use of equipment. 
  • To receive, price and merchandise orders. 
  • To maintain a clean store and working environment including cleaning bathing stations after each use and ensuring accidents are cleaned and disinfected promptly. 
  • To perform all register operations including opening and closing operations. 

Job Requirements:  

  • Retail and customer service experience 
  • Experience and knowledge working with animals 

Skills and abilities: 

  • Excellent customer service skills to develop relationships with our customers
  • Extensive knowledge of dog body language and stress signals
  • Fluent language skills; the ability to communicate clearly, to write effectively and understand customers. 
  • Basic math skills 
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and be a self starter
  • Oversee store in absence of Store Manager

Work Environment:

  • Dogs of all sizes and temperaments visit the store
  • Exposure to animal fur and dander 
  • Work independently
  • Heavy lifting of large food bags 
  • Heavy lifting and/or assistance with large breed dogs into bathing stations
  • Bending, lifting, moving, reaching merchandise
  • Merchandising large walk-in freezer
  • Standing for long periods of time. 

Please send resume and cover letter to contact@bauhoundhaus.ca 

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