Wishing Matisse Good Luck!

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If you don’t already know Matisse, it’s my honour to introduce him to you. I had the pleasure of meeting Matisse a couple years ago as a young dog in Canada. There was something so special about him that I have what is quite possibly an unhealthy amount of photos of a dog that is not mine. In the world of show dogs, we often talk about the “it” factor and Matisse has it and then some.

(Matisse, the weekend I met him June 2012)

At Westminster in 2013, I was in the stands at Madison Square Gardens as Matisse won the Working Group. I could see his breeder Donna Gottdenker of Claircreek PWDs sitting in the stands cheering her boy on and it was a beautiful thing to see – what every dog fancier dreams. Matisse quickly sky rocketed to dog show stardom and hasn’t looked back!


The reason I’m introducing you to Matisse is because he is returning to Westminster this year (February 16th and 17th) and he is a favourite for top honours! It’s worth watching and cheering for our Canadian star!

Good luck, Matisse! The home team is routing for you!


Audrey · February 10, 2015 at 11:41 pm

What a wonder dog to be invited back to Westminster two years in a row good luck to Matisse and team on this special show .We will be watching and cheering you on from Stockleigh Queensland Australia

Gerald · February 14, 2015 at 10:42 am

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