One of the biggest complaints about “bully sticks” is the odor that many of them have. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a movie or finish off some work while your dog peacefully chews a treat and gagging from the smell.

That’s why, we select for no or low odor bully sticks at the store. Over the last decade, we have quickly eliminated chews that stink up the store. If we don’t want them smelling up our workspace, chances are you don’t want them in your home either. That’s not to say that someone with an extra sensitive nose won’t be bothered by the low odor ones, but your chances are better.

What is it?

So what’s a bully stick. Yep, it’s exactly what you’ve heard. They are bull penises. You can look at it like this – at least they are finding a use for every part of the animal. This is a far healthier and more natural alternative to raw hide (don’t feed your dog raw hide) and will last a long time, if you size them right.

Choosing the Right Size

For a small to medium breed young puppy or small breed dog go with a smaller one like under 12″ (try one of these or these). If you have an adult, go with something larger and possibly a Jumbo which is thicker (like this one).

Safety Tips:

  • Practice trading the chew for a high value treat then return the chew often
  • take the chew away when it’s too small so that they don’t swallow it whole and potentially choke
  • use a toy like a West Paw Qwizl to hold the stick, so that your dog can’t swallow last piece whole
  • Always supervise your dog with a bully stick
  • Because of the need to take this away from your dog when it’s small, this may not be the kind of treat for any dog with resource guarding issues.

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