Community. That’s the subject.

Because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that Community, especially the one like we have in Milton, is how we get through the bumps in the road. We can’t thank everyone enough for shopping local, not just with us, with every small business in the community.

This Holiday season, we want to focus on our Community, both those who need help putting food on the table and supporting other small businesses in our Downtown Community.

So we went shopping in Downtown Milton and purchased $25 Gift Cards from Gro For It, the Kind Matter Company and the Barn Door Studio that we are going to raffle off with two $25 Gift Cards from BauHound Haus Inc.

To enter, we are asking that you drop a non-perishable Food Item or Gift Cards to Grocery Stores off at BauHound Haus Inc or make a donation to Khi Community Food Bank and bring in or email us a screenshot of the donation receipt (please block out any payment info except the total).* Every item or $5 donated earns an entry.

* So the specifics are:
– Every  non-perishable item dropped off equals an entry.
– Every $5 of Gift Card value earns you an entry.
– Every $5 Donated through the Khi Community website is an entry (just email a screen shot or print it out and bring it into the store.
– We will draw separately for the 5 prizes on January 4th, 2021.

Let’s work together to help fill the shelves at the Khi Community Food Bank.

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